The awakening of a new consciousness
2012 - 2015

Planet Earth is alive, it vibrates! This vibration has been changing its tone for the last 200 years. In astrology, this change of vibration is related to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and its new period of 12,000 years of galactic dawn. Indigo, the awakening of a new consciousness, explores this vibration through 5 lush-sized surrealistic drawings done with ballpoint pen on paper. These black fine lines are trying to communicate a new way of perceiving life in our Planet.  Humans, nature, geometry, architecture, planes of consciousness and perception are some of the topics included in this colossal project. 
Using meditation as an instrument, we can open new doors to perception and break with the daily routine. Connecting with our inner-self is essential to heal and discover who we really are. Many treasures and wonders are hidden in the natural world, it’s time to perceive them as our own and  protect them. Note that geometry is present in all objects we perceive. Our Planet mission is ascending and turning itself into pure light. We humans also share the same destiny.

‘INDIGO I - The new planetary vibration’ / 1,2x1 mts / Ink on paper

‘INDIGO II - Perception’ / 0,9x0,5 mts / Ink on paper

‘INDIGO III - Introspection’ / 1,2x0,9 mts / Ink on paper

‘INDIGO IV - ‘The consciousness awakening’ / 1,5x1,5 mts / Ink on paper

INDIGO V - The Age of Aquarius’ / 1,8x2,4 mts / Ink on paper

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