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Original Artwork



Pampa Louzao was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1989.  He learned basic drawing techniques at Universidad de Buenos Aires while he was studying Industrial Design. He also studyied visual art at I.U.N.A (Bs.As) and participated in Michael J. Smith´s Landscape Oil Painting online course.  He exhibited twice in London, England (2014) and had participated in several group shows in Buenos Aires and Mexico. He is primarily known for his detailed pencil drawings and paintings, often of nature combined with geometry and his personal imagination.  He has been commissioned to produce art for a wide range of clients and his work is held in private home collections in Buenos Aires.

In his opinion, making art is touching an unknown dimension that surrounds us all. He finds inspiration by looking at shapes and forms in their purest state. Nature is the main source of inspiration for his compositions. His work is based on observation, perception, and imagination. For him drawing is a root languaje to communicate ideas and express emotions.

He has been working mainly with pencil on paper, and oil painting on linen.